Questions to ask your therapist about their qualifications

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If you have been referred to or are looking for assessment or therapy for sensory integration difficulties please remember to check to make sure about what you will be receiving:

Is it Sensory Integration Therapy?

Sensory Integration Therapy involves individualised based treatment on the Ayres' model of Sensory Integration. It is important to be aware that programmes (e.g. the Alert Programme, Henry Tools or use of a Sensory Diet) draw from the Sensory Integration knowledge base, but are not the same as Sensory Integration Therapy.

Is the therapist a State Registered Occupational Therapist, Physiotherapist or Speech and Language Therapist? 

In the United Kingdom, this will mean registration with the Health Professions Council, registration can be checked online. In Ireland, Physiotherapists will be registered in 2009 and Occupational Therapists and Speech and Language Therapist in 2010.

Has the therapist completed postgraduate training?

Postgraduate education is offered in the UK through the Sensory Integration Network in partnership with the University of Ulster.  These modules have been developed in conjunction with Western Psychological Services educators from the United States of America.  This is in line with recommendations currently subscribed to by members of the International Coalition for Education in Sensory Integration (ICE-SI).

BAOT has developed briefings about the use of SI by OTs. Please see

Which modules do I need to practise sensory integration therapy?

A Sensory Integration Practitioner must complete and pass:
SI Module 1: Foundations and Neuroscience
SI Module 2: Key Concepts
SI Module 3: Assessment and Intervention

A Sensory Integration Advanced Practitioner must complete and pass:
SI Module 1: Foundations and Neuroscience
SI Module 2: Key Concepts
SI Module 3: Assessment and Intervention
SI Module 4: Advanced Treatment


The Sensory Integration Network recommends that all independent practitioners are accredited to at least SI Module 3 level with a preference for Advanced Practitioners Status.

The SI Network is a founder member of the International Council for Education in Ayres Sensory Integration.

Is the therapist involved in a mentoring or supervision programme?

All Occupational Therapists, Physiotherapist and Speech and Language Therapists should be involved in a programme of supervision or mentoring. This should be regular and ongoing.

Is the therapist maintaining up to date training and evidence of continuing professional development (CPD)?

This may be evidenced by attendance at annual conferences, workshops and courses through the use of reflective practice, attendance of SI peer and supervision groups and reading of up to date literature.

Sensory Integration on-going education may be evidenced by course attendance, keeping up to date through SensorNet Newsletter and website news and journals including relevant Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy and Neuroscience publications.  

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